Click on Addons to get homebrew levels, characters, and more! Pressing the jump button in mid-air will push enemies and players within a set radius around the player away; pressing spin in midair will pull them closer instead. Once you clear the game with all the emeralds, you start the game with all 7 emeralds from level select. Characters with this ability will also be given the ability to run on water. This was added as an Easter egg when the level was being decorated. Even in Ringslinger gametypes when Super Sonic players can receive damage, this frame is overridden by the floating frame before the player even gets to see it.

sonic robo blast 2 wads

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Still have the shield and go to the endpoint. Sonic Team Junior Publisher: Sojic from ” https: Similar to the flying ability, except this ability will work only underwater; attempting to use this ability outside of water will do nothing. First obtain the master emerald then Have 50 rings then turn into supersonic you will be hypersonic you wont be changing colors like in the other games.

It has Super Sonic, a non-changing colors Hyper Sonic, Certain cheats, and a red echidna who kills you sending you to Red Volcano Zone secret level Gives you a black emerald for interrupting his picnic Hyper Sonic and when you encounter him the last time he gets angry and sends you into the pool and has enemies come after you once you escape the level is finished!


For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Beat the game on Very Hard. They all became unused in Version 2. Act 3 is a Mario boss level, complete with lava, Bowser, Toad, a axe, and the mandatory 2D. Views Read View source View history. Egg Rock Zone has unused areas in one or both Acts; not sure.

In the GFZ1 go until you see a bridge with two enemies[just go near it don’t go on it]. This boss isn’t actually that much bigger than the current Brak Eggman boss; his impressive stature in Blas 2.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 A Fan-Made Sonic the Hedgehog game for the PC by Sonic Team Jr.

Light Dash on the ring trail, and carefully Homing Attack off all the Roboo to get to the other side. Hit the shield and get the ring box. Those were also as borders for the small viewport feature, removed in Version 2.

This also opens up the Secrets menu. Collect all 3 emeralds that are hidden in the level, using your Emerald Radar at the bottom of the screen to help.

WineHQ – Sonic Robo Blast 2

Then use level select to get to GFZ 2 and play as sonic. This game has unused abilities. All of these should be accompanied by pictures from a map editor, plus screenshots from the game blasr possible.

Another 1-act zone, this shows off the Emerald Hunting gameplay mode, taken from Knuckles’ Awds Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 levels. This game has unused graphics.


Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart (Video Game) – TV Tropes

If you double-jumped already and turned into Super Sonic, wait until you are normal Sonic again and get more rings. WAD is no longer indoursed by his creator, Torgo so you can get the wad at 4Shared.

In the game, he is a little red half-robot dude with a bad temper who looks like Rlbo. This game has unused sounds. Tracks that are likely to be in Version 2.

sonic robo blast 2 wads

Used until Version 2. Such trail actually hurts you though, so the god cheat is reccomended. South of this area, outside of the map, is a shorter, completely straight and featureless version of the lava wave. RedXVI secrets are not added to the secrets menu.

sonic robo blast 2 wads

Note, finishing the game does not let you keep it, and the only difference between the Hyper Sonic [Thanks to the Master Emerald. This was used while the map was in development, to easily extend the lava wave by copying and pasting, and was never removed.

The Red Crawla is slightly faster than the Blue Crawla, but still not much of a threat to players. This short little 1-act zone shows off the rest of the SA-style features.

sonic robo blast 2 wads