February 24, at 8: Community Experts online right now. One of our smart readers responded with a link to Opera’s site which says – roughly – that Opera Mobile is a real browser that can directly access the web – just like regular Opera and is designed for smartphones whereas Opera Mini is a cut-down browser that needs an Opera server and is typically used on feature phones. String from Richard Noble – thanks. String from Shannon Thorp – thanks. February 12, at 8: And did we say that you can make and receive phone calls?

skype samsung gt-s3653w edge quad band

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String from Lon Ong – thanks.

Phone dual bandfull querty keyboard, Bluetooth, 1. Extremely poor specification on SE website.

Mobile Browser ID Strings (a.k.a. User Agent ID)

September 7, at 2: NO Bro it is totally fake mobile. Also branded by each Operator such as Vodafone, Orange etc. April 21, at 5: September 3, at 2: August 13, at 6: Standard web browser function for PalmPilot i Strings and manufacturer info from Kjeld Kahn – thanks. September 30, at Anybody is there to help me to rectify the these problem.


July 17, at 6: Blackberry Bold 2 chinese knock-off apparently!

skype samsung gt-s3653w edge quad band

String from Markin Eugeny – thanks. Palm Treo v Otto. String from Jon Stephens – thanks.

Tech Stuff – Mobile Browser ID (User-Agent) Strings

NetFront browser on Ki. We’ve added all the various Windows software for mobiles – what seems to be called generically Windows Mobile – under this section.

But I guess if you are sitting on a gazillion billion dollars you can afford the occasional flop. Please help us improve our content by removing questions that are essentially the skyppe and merging them into this question. Full, Lite and Blackberry versions available according to the website.

Download skype samsung gt s3653w edge quad band

May 11, at August 9, at 8: April 16, at 1: String from Ulrich Poeschl – thanks. String from Kent Deyoung – thanks. April 18, at 1: Thanks for the solution about how to reduce the font sizeā€¦.


For those of you working on Nokia web development Zoltan Szentesi has provided this link which provides information on features supported by a range of devices – thanks. This section was started to include the browser strings generated by mobile things which we broadly define as:.

skype samsung gt-s3653w edge quad band

Long may it continue. String from Hecky Fedriansyah – thanks.

It features a new 1. And if you want to check your browser string use our cheap trick page. A samsung corby GT- SW.