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sekshun 8 black wing butterfly

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Wednesday 21 August Sunday 11 August Sunday 2 June Wednesday 7 August Wednesday 17 April Friday 21 June Tuesday 11 June Monday 16 September Tuesday 16 April They were childhood friends and continue to be as close as family to this very day.

sekshun 8 black wing butterfly

Saturday 31 August Friday 30 August Sunday 21 April Sunday 14 April Tuesday 20 August Thursday 4 April Monday 22 July Monday 29 April The first full-length album by the band since the Toymaker debut CD, the Black Wing Butterfly is a powerfully built with songs win do nothing less than show the bands power and vision to hit right at mainstream rock n roll fans.

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sekshun 8 black wing butterfly

Tuesday 13 August Wednesday 8 May The vigor of the writing and the depth of the production is what Sekshun 8 is all about and is what is getting the band initial airplay on rock radio, industry notoriety with placement on the CMJ CD Sampler this month and key bookings that include playing two 2 live shows at the Six Flags Theme Park in New Jersey on July Sekshun 8 is very much a recognizable rock band with solid vocals driving over the heavy guitar work and clannish drum sound that propel the songs on the Black Wing Butterfly CD.

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