Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine. He will mount when a mani is made or a party for him is held. Saint James the Greater: He is the leader of the Ogunes, and is very respected by them as well. As in Africa, his symbol is a piece of iron, a machete, or a knife.

ogun balenyo

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ogun balenyo

Thus he rarely mounts. In some traditions he is said to have cleared a path for the other gods to enter Earth, using a metal ax and with the assistance of a dog.


Servants of this Lwa pgun blue candles for him. Retrieved from ” https: Other important sacrificial offerings to Ogun are the Clarias submarginatus a species of catfishalligator pepper, kola nutspalm wine and red palm oil, small rats, roosters, salt, snails, tortoise, water, yams.

He fights battles for his children.

Ogun Ikole a gba’igbin – Ogun of the Ikole people will collect snail. Saint James the Greater: Ogun Alaara ni gba aja – Ogun of the Alaara people collects dog. He is usually very tired. Subscribe To Our Newsletter Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. He is a great protector and often a resguardo can be found in an altar prepared for him.


Ogou Feray is syncretized with St.

Palo a San Santiago (Ogun Balenyo ) by Principe De Anaisa ???????????? | Free Listening on SoundCloud

James the Greater St. He is a family man and is married to Metres Ezili, who is also sometimes called Metres Ezili Balendyo. Meats are a sacrifice for Ogun.

He will be given his fulahis cape if there is one, a cigar and wine or rum. For the fictional character, see Ogun comics. When he mounts, the room must be silent.

Ogun – Wikipedia

When he does mount, he is a very serious balenyp well respected Lwa. Followers of Ogun wear chains of iron implements; Ogun festivals feature the display of knives, guns, blacksmith implements, scissors, wrenches, and other iron implements from daily life.

ogun balenyo

He is usually very tired. In Yoruba religionOgun is a primordial orisha who first appeared as a hunter named Tobe Ode. He is known to be a great healer and can heal with his hands in an instant.


For the Nigerian state, see Ogun otun. He will be given his fula, his cape if there is one, a cigar and wine or rum. He will mount when a mani is made or a party for him is held. Jacques Majeur in the Vodou tradition.

ogun balenyo

He is the god of war and metals. Ogun Gbena Gbena eran ahun ni je – Ogun of the wood carvers eats the tortoise’s meat.

Views Read Edit View history. Ezili Freda Daome is the female counterpart to Ogou.

Ogun Balendyo

Notify me of new posts by email. Servants of this Lwa light blue candles for him. Your email address will not be published. Ogun altars and ceremonies display and use iron objects both in Yoruba areas and the across the African diaspora.