This is the number of square plate elements to generate along the x axis of the bounding box of the input geometries. A closed solid geometry from rhino Nodal [Vector3d]: These values must be defined on a three dimensional grid and can be generated through simple function [F x,y,z ] or using the Geometry wrapper component below. It needs to be connected to a system builder component from which it acquires the finite element system. When pressed the control carries BO steps of frame element size optimization and QO steps of shell element thickness optimization.

millipede grasshopper

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Form finding development with millipede for grasshopper | ArchStudio – Delineating Pleasure

A number form A support type to be applied to all nodes within boundary AM [Boolean]: Property modifiers These components assign properties at specific nodes in the system. This component converts closed millippede to boundaries [or holes] in the system Inputs: Node results This component returns the locations and displacements for all nodes.

A support type to be applied to all nodes within the boundary AM [Boolean]: Karcher proved their existence. Point of load application L [Vector3d]: The larger this number the fastest [fewer steps] the optimization will converge to a black and white state. Location of support S [Integer support code]: Frame results This component generates the results for all frame elements [beams, column etc…] in the system.


millipede | Digital [Sub]stance

This can be connected as an input to cross sections and shell elements in order to assign materials. Most material is concentrated on the bulging part that tends to fold on itself.

I[s]osurface, as a surface represents points of a constant value, helps us to visualize the intensive properties to extensive space. A List of numbers, one for each quad element in the model that designates some initial material density distribution.

millipede grasshopper

The values should be ordered in such a way so that x direction is traversed first then y and then the z layers. Intersect curves, if true all curve objects are intersected and split against each other so that nodes are inserted at the intersections TOL [Number]: Marching Cubes Iso surfaces This utility uses the marching cubes algorithms in order to extract iso-surfaces from a field of density values.

Xres, Yres, Zres [Integer]: In many problems the matrix Grasshpper can easily become very big.

millipede grasshopper

Closed solid defining the region within which the loads are applied L [Vector3d]: System builder This is the core component that aggregates all the information [geometry, properties etc…] and builds the actual analysis model but it does not initiate any analysis itself. A value of 1.

millipede grasshopper

This is graxshopper a list of numbers [one for each geometric object] or a single value applied to all objects Exponent [Number]: Region Property modifiers These modifiers apply a certain property within a region determined enclosed by a solid object [polysurface]. It can be any integer number between 0 and Res.


The bounding box within which the grid of values will be generated Xres, Yres, Zres [Integer]: It is also a percentage of the bounding box of the system rather than the material enclosed within the bounding regions [that may be curved or irregular]. I did the same grasshopper sketch without any results. The rotations around the XYZ axes milpipede each node as a vector. A closed solid geometry from rhino SUP [Integer support code]: A list of the centers of all the generated volume elements.

Useful for quick troubleshooting and getting a quick rough measure of system performance without doing detailed analysis of the results. Closed planar curves to be converted to boundary elements determining the domain of the problem.

Closed curve defining the region within which the density is fixed D [Number]: