This time Bheema and Krishna go in disguised form, as Brahmins purohits into the fortress of Jarasandha. The king of Panchala , Drupada announces an archery contest to win the hand of his daughter in marriage. Bheema, however, kills him very easily. Shakuni joins the evil coterie of Duryodhana, Karna and Dushyasana. He is then told that, since his mother, Gandhari had an astrological defect, she was first married off to a sheep and then married to his father. Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam Theatrical release poster. Varalakshmi as Kunti K.

matthu vadalara song

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Music composed by T. Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam Theatrical release poster. Then after his hundredth mistake, Krishna hurls his discus Sudharshana chakra towards him. Here the movie takes the focus off the Pandavas and instead focuses on Lord Krishna as the primary character for some duration. This secret is known to Krishna alone.

Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam (1966)

The Pandavas live under the guise of sadhus in a remote town. Shishupala is a relative of Sri Krishna and he is born with a lot of abnormal features. He goes home and tells his mother that he has won a prize.

matthu vadalara song

vadaalra However, Kunti says that she would rather sacrifice her own son instead of their only one since she has five children. All three have the deep hatred towards Krishna. Thus he wins Draupadi as a prize. Jarasandha proposes that Rukmi should marry his sister, Rukmini, to Shishupala, unaware that she is in love with Krishna.


He warns Bheema to keep an eye on miscreants trying to burn the house. After a very ferocious fight with the monster, he does kill it in the end. At midnight, as Krishna predicted, the house is burned on the orders of Duryodhana.

Matthu Vadalaraa Lyrics

Krishna sees through the plan of the evil Shakuni. Varalakshmi in the lead roles [5] and music composed by T.

The opening shot of the movie shows Kunti praying for Lord Krishna’s protection for vadalada Pandavas. Retrieved from ” https: When Krishna touches him during his childhood, the child becomes normal. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, when he is returning, he trips and falls into a pool.

When Duryodhana insults the Pandavas as “dependents”, Bheema counters by saying that, the Kauravas are the progeny of a widow. Unable to wait any longer, Hidimbasura comes to kill the Pandavas himself.

matthu vadalara song

He attacks Gandhara and lays waste to the whole kingdom. Rama Rao has portrayed the roles of both Krishna and Duryodhana in this movie. The prisoners start fighting for the few rice grains thrown at them.


matthu vadalara song

He also imprisons the Gandhara royal family in his prison. The Kauravas, arrive at Indraprastha as guests. Bheema, however, carries his four brothers and mother on his back and races through the tunnel and takes them to the hiding spot.

Mathu Vadalara Ringtone by Supremo – e6 – Free on ZEDGEâ„¢

He says that instead of everyone dying, they could keep at least one of their princes alive. He hears some people laughing and sees Draupadi is among the crowd. Shakuni makes magic dice from his father’s spinal cord. Views Read Edit View history. Jarasandha is the nemesis of Krishna.

However the body parts of Jarasandha rejoin because of a boon he possesses, and he regains mattthu life. He blackmails them to send two oxen, a cartload of food and a human being every day to quench his hunger.