Note for Paul – This is not very clear on the website!!! Is there actually any documentation at all concerning installation configuration ‘requirements’that I can cross-cehck against? Wed May 28, 8: My system is in fact Win7 on an x64 machine. Hi Paul, yes I’m fully aware of that, but as I mention below, on an XP machine I have successfully installed the Personal version only and , in the START Menu appears an entry ‘FTN Command Prompt’ which contains commands for setting of environment variables and when I click it a console window automatically opens and stays open, ready to start Clearwin-ning!.

ftn95 express

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ftn95 express

It may need to access the internet – most of the installation is the Visual Studio shell and that is a black box as far as we are concerned.

Robertthanks for your further input.

FTN95 for Windows Upgrade

In summary, I suspect that the fvars. File Formats – All versions use the same file format to store information.

NET assembly and then calling methods contained within it it expres be used to author multi-language solutions. After fiddling around I can access the Start Menu folder which is installed empry and can manually insert links to the programs as installed, but the problem actually launching FTN95 opening and closing in the flash of an eye persists.


If anyone else has Express installed I’d be grateful if they could also check and report back on the date of that file on their system. And has the problem installing Express fyn95 a machine without internet connection ever been reported I don’t find anything in knowledge base or forum Thanks.

Silverfrost FTN95 Express Download (Free) –

Note for Paul – This is not very clear on the website!!! Otherwise you may not have write access to the associated ini file. I had actually realise that NOW of course.

ftn95 express

While presumeably, if launched from Visual Studio it would launch from the Express install directory i. NOT the latest version 7. However, in the FTN95 Express installation directory the ‘fvars. Subsequently I removed that version first before trying to install again.

FTN95 for Windows Upgrade – Silverfrost FTN95 – Compilers

It states on the website: The fleeting glimpse of a Window I saw and mentioned below I have just discovered was because I double-clicked the.

But I never use the Start menu but have prepared epress separate folder for all Salford stuff and I always work with Plato. This topic outlines the major points that should be noted between versions.

On my Win7 system: It will try to download. Mon Jun 02, 8: I have both Personal and Express Versions installed I have recently uninstalled and re-installed both.


FTN95 Express

For clarity imo it should state on the website: Even then, if the command line is used it would use the Epress executable and not the one in the Express version not a bad thing some would say, not a good thing others would say as the 2 versions in Personal and Express are, today,different! PaulLaidler Site Admin Joined: I don’t know if you have FTN95Express installed John Campbell on either Win 7 or Win XP system, I assume not as you haven’t seen this effect,but if you have could you please verify the date you have for the fvars.

Tue May 27, 6: Tue May 27, 2: Wed Jun 04, 9: Thu May 22, 6: Setup cannot continue until all system components have been successfully installed.

There is a ‘flash’ which appears to be a window opening at hyper speed, but nothing appears for more than a milli-second. While FTN95 Express can be used to interoperate with other languages say by adding a reference to an existing. Fri May 23, 3: