I hold her hand. On Wednesdays I walk to the one-room cinema. The waitress is offended when I tip too much. They get drunk and sing. The bus climbs into the mountains. Having come home to the family estate at the beginning of the war, Canteloube had no desire to return to Paris after its end.

canteloube chants dauvergne

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The city is one low puddle of black churches and tire smoke. The church is silent. We stop for a herd of cows.

canteloube chants dauvergne

One million men were killed, and of those who returned home countless numbers were amputees, survivors of mustard gas, shell-shocked. Occitan is the language of the troubadour poets, one of the Latin-based dialects spoken in medieval France. Having come canteloubee to the family estate at the beginning of the war, Canteloube had no desire to return to Paris after its end.

The moon hinges on the mountain like a fist pressed to an eye.

Kate is afraid of the dark. The lyrics are drawn from lullabyes, love laments, and festival tunes in both French and Occitan, the traditional regional dialect. My students smoke in the courtyard. Kate and I share thick ham, two kinds of potatoes with cheese, and all the wine we can. It was met with lukewarm reviews. The waitress is offended when I tip too much. After four years of war, the French countryside was devastated, forests and farmland ripped to shreds.


Chants d’Auvergne – Wikipedia

It is twilight, the herds and flocks are returning, everything is quieting down. She might be sixty, I decide. MaryCarmen finds Odile at drawing class. The voices of the herders, the bells of the flocks die away, only the notes of the insects are heard…. After World War II, the magazine was accused of fascist fanteloube.

Canteloube: Songs from the collection of Chants d’Auvergne | ClassicLive

The orchestration reflects the sweeping, empty landscapes dauverbne the imagination, and humor, required to survive a life of farming, herding, and cheese-making. When Canteloube was a child, his father took him for long walks in the harsh countryside around Annonay, the family estate. In the village square, weird stone beasts leer from under the lamplight.

The tiny glint of bells hangs over the night.

Someone strikes a match. The cleaning women knit as they walk, yarn passed over the shoulder. In the village square, the donkeys kneel in the grass.


Canteloube – Chants d’Auvergne, Volume 2

Green small lentils grow in the fields. One light burns in a dorm room across the stone path. It is nature herself, the earth which makes this, and the peasant and his song cannot be separated from it. My pamphlet says she was carved from light wood but one day turned the color of ash. The bus climbs into the mountains.

Canteloube: Chants d’Auvergne, Vol. 1

In addition to collecting folk songs, Canteloube wrote two operas. MaryCarmen brings two aspirin, finds me naked, shaking under the sheet.

canteloube chants dauvergne

My students and I smoke in the dark. I buy her a whiskey. The composer, Marie-Joseph Cantaloube de Malaret, was born here in These are baby worksays the philosophy professor, handing me my copies from the machine with a concerned look.